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1st Rate Inspections has provided our customers with the highest quality home inspections since 2010. Our certified inspectors have years of experience in the industry and offer standard Residential Inspections and Ancillary services.  We pride ourselves on being thorough and going above and beyond every step of the way.

1st-Rate Inspections

Quality Residential Services

At 1st-Rate Inspections, we provide our clients with the most thorough home inspections and help them understand different components of their homes along with their functionality and structural conditions.

Every home is an asset; whether you make it a prized possession or a burden depends on how you take care of it.

We undertake all your inspection needs to ensure your home is in top shape. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. Here at 1st-Rate Inspections, we take pride in doing the job right. We offer residential inspections and advice to help you spot potential problems with your house and keep it in great shape for years to come. From leaky pipes to sagging roofs, we can help you reduce your risk of falling victim to issues that may cost you significantly more money down the line. Here's what we inspect during a standard residential Inspection;

Residential Inspection

A home inspection is more than a formal report

Mold Inspection

When was the last time your home was inspected

Pool and Spa

What better way to enjoy the hot Texas weather

Sprinkler Inspection

Struggling to pay an inflated water bill? Tired of


A pre-drywall inspection ensures the home is built according

Termite Inspection

Termites are pests. They primarily feed on wood, making

We're affordable and top-quality service

We only hire experienced and qualified professional inspectors who are passionate about providing you with the best possible service. This ensures that you'll get top-quality service without the inflated price tag.

Advanced Services

As a homeowner, it is essential to take a moment to check your home for optimal functioning of different parts along with their safety on an annual basis. 1st-Rate Inspections is the perfect option for homeowners looking for superior advanced home inspections at an affordable price. Advanced home inspections are designed to detect mold, termites, and other potential problems before they become a bigger issue. Advanced inspection is a type of home inspection that is more comprehensive than a traditional one. It uses equipment and tools such as infrared cameras and moisture meters to detect invisible issues not apparent to the naked eye. We inspect for termite damage, mold growth, leaks in pools or spas, and structural problems such as cracks in walls or ceilings along with other things.


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