A pre-drywall inspection ensures the home is built according to its specifications. “Pre-drywall” refers to the stage in the construction process right before the drywall is hung. We highly recommend this construction-phase inspection, as it’s the perfect time to spot any issues. It’s more difficult, and more expensive, to identify and fix any problems if you wait until the home is completely finished.

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Chinese” Drywall

Between 2001 and 2009, defective drywall was imported from China for use in residential construction, affecting an estimated 100,000 homes in over 20 states. According to the CDC, the drywall has been linked to health problems and metal corrosion in homes.

Signs of

Corrosive Drywall May Include:

  • Rotten egg smell within the home
  • Corrosion or blackening of metal items within the walls 
  • Frequent failures of AC units or other appliances and electronics 

1st Rate Inspections provides corrosive “Chinese” drywall inspections for the greater Houston area. We’ll help you to determine the specific material present in your home through a visual inspection, as well as laboratory testing.

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