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Professional Sewer Scope Inspections in Houston

1st-Rate Inspections is a trusted name in sewer scope inspections, with 12 years of professional services and countless happy customers.

A sewer scope inspection is a process where a high-resolution camera is sent down the length of your sewer pipes. The inspection will find any present problems with the line and fix them before they become more prominent and lead to potentially disastrous and costly sewer issues.

A Sewer Camera Inspection in Houston is usually done annually to ensure that your system is working correctly and that there are no problems with your sewer pipes. However, this process can also be done on an emergency basis when there is a system leak, so it’s essential to have one of these inspections completed as soon as possible.

A sewer scope inspection can save you from spending thousands of dollars on repairs down the line, so it’s always worth doing one at least once every year!

Is Your Septic or Sewer System Leaking? When Do You Need A Sewer Camera Inspection In Houston, TX?

If you're a homeowner or property manager, will you need to perform a Sewer Camera Inspection in Houston, Texas? When the water backs up inside the house or crawlspace, it indicates damage to the sewer line. A sewer inspection may be necessary to determine whether repairs are needed. Here are some signs indicating it's time for a sewer inspection:
  • When planted in your yard, trees often grow large roots extending into or around sewer pipes. This can damage or even destroy sewer systems over time and cause expensive repairs and often replacement problems.
  • If your old house is older than 1980, you should have it inspected to check whether it has clay sewer pipes.
  • You detect changes in your home's ground or septic tank area for signs of shifting or movement. These could be signs of excessive flow, seepage, or soil sinking.
  • If you notice your lawn has started to grow lush patches, there is likely a leak in your septic or sewer system. A sewer scope inspection can help prevent costly repairs by catching these leaks.

Sewer Scope Inspection Houston TX

The sewer scope inspection is the only way to have a truly accurate evaluation of your sewer system.

What We Look For?

The only way to determine the condition of your sewer line is to have 1st-Rate Inspections inspect it. These inspections are done with a high-grade advanced camera and provide a clear picture of what is happening inside the pipe. Listed are several things we look for in a Sewer Line Inspection in Houston:

  • Blockages
  • Cracks
  • Debris
  • Bellied lines
  • Corrosion
  • Root Intrusion

Quality, Fast, Affordable, Reliable

1st-Rate Inspections is the industry leader in providing professional pre-drywall inspections. We offer a high-quality inspection at a budget-friendly price. Our team of experienced inspectors will ensure that your home is built according to specifications.

Why Trust Us For Your Pre-Drywall Inspections?

A pre-drywall inspection is a way to prevent costly repairs and rework

  • See if you want to add modifications to your design.
  • Check for missing insulation. 
  • Check your electrical outlets and check the wiring.
  • Check the plumbing and its components.
  • Check the framework before the wall goes up.

We also offer timely scheduling and expert advice with our experienced staff to make sure you're paying for the best value for your money.Corrosive "Chinese" Dry-wall Inspections

Between 2001 and 2009, defective dry-walls were imported from China, affecting an estimated 100,000 homes in over 20 states. This drywall has been linked to health problems and metal corrosion in homes.

Signs of corrosive drywall in your home:

  • There is a constant smell in your home resembling rotten eggs
  • Metal nuts and bolts corroding and blackening within walls
  • AC units or other appliances and electronics failing frequently

1st-Rate Inspections help you determine whether Chinese dry-wall material has been used in your home. Our inspectors perform a visual inspection along with laboratory testing to confirm our results.

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We've been providing pre-drywall inspections for homes for more than three decades. Our inspectors are experts at pre-drywall inspections and are fully trained to ensure that your home is safe before it's dry-walled.

Professional Services, Coverage, $100,000 in coverage

For 12 years, we have provided professional services and coverage to our clients. Our services include the following locations: Houston, Cypress, Spring, Katy, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, and surrounding areas. Every inspection comes with $100,000 in coverage.

Why Choose 1-st Rate Inspections?

Quality & expertise

Our technicians have extensive experience with sewer scan Inspection in Houston, TX. They are familiar with all the processes and have been trained on all the latest equipment. We'll help you by providing an accurate picture of the inside of your sewer system and help provide your property with the highest level of protection available.

One price, no hidden fees

Our services are affordable and include everything you'll need to conduct your inspection process from start to finish. We don't incur extra fees for materials used or labor performed — all included in one flat rate.

Family-owned and operated.

We are a family-owned, family-operated company with over 38 years of experience in the inspection industry. We pride ourselves on our quick response time to our customer's needs.

Quick, accurate results

1st-Rate Inspections offers fast and accurate sewer inspections that help avoid costly repairs and cleanup. We use state-of-the-art technology to give you the most thorough and valuable information on what is happening with your sewer line.

A complete report of conditions

Once completed, the inspector will review the findings with you and issue a complete report of the sewer line condition given to you and the home seller.

Scheduling an inspection

We offer inspections for all types of properties. To schedule an inspection, simply call us at  832-402-8276. Our friendly customer service agents will help schedule your sewer scope inspection appointment. We offer same-day scheduling if you're in a hurry!

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