Sprinkler System

Is your sprinkler system working correctly?

Your sprinkler system is one of the essential features on your property, but are you sure it is working correctly? 1st-Rate Inspectors assess the condition of your home’s irrigation system and determine whether or not it’s performing optimally in order to reduce inflated bills and ensure proper watering of your landscape.

Reduce inflated bills

Are you taking an unnecessary risk by having an outdated sprinkler system? An outdated sprinkler system may cause you to pay higher bills and more for maintenance and repairs than necessary.

Landscaping without worry

Does your landscape embarrass you when you compare it to your neighbor’s? If so, you’re not alone! 1st-Rate Inspections can diagnose your situation and help you avoid a potentially expensive redo of your landscape down the line. Our team believes that your home should be inspected by someone who cares about your property. Therefore, we go above and beyond to ensure that each inspection we conduct is completed in a timely fashion and with extra care. We value communication and treat our customers with respect.

Top-notch Lawn Maintenance

Nothing makes folks happier than a lush, green lawn. But, it’s even more important to keep your property maintained and safe. That’s why we offer various services for your lawn, including inspections for the sprinkler system and any other issues that may arise. Our company offers more than just your sprinkler system inspection. We also provide inspections for your water meter, valves, pipes, connection points, sprinkler heads, and water pressure. With our expertise in the industry, we’ll be able to take care of any landscaping problems that might arise and check for over-spray and high vegetation issues. 

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