How to speed up your home Inspection In Houston, TX?

Are you planning on having a home inspection in Houston, TX? That’s a great idea. Regular checks for existing homes are great, but a residential inspection is far more important if you plan to buy or sell a house. So many people try to skip inspections just to save a few hundred dollars. Still, they don’t realize that they are chipping away from a long-term investment which is their home—getting an inspection done safeguards your assets along with the well-being of your family.

A residential inspection is a standard check of your home from its top to bottom. It includes everything between the roof and flooring. These components can be structural or functional. The structural elements include the roof, walls, foundation, etc., whereas the operating systems include HVAC systems, sewage systems, electrical systems, etc. Like we need regular checkups with the doctor, a home needs timely checks. A home goes through excessive wear and tear resulting from the harsh weather conditions or how roughly its inhabitants use it or simply because it has aged. A house is not functional if either the structure or the functions are compromised; hence inspections are vital
Coming back to your home inspection, since you have already made the excellent decision of having one, why not look at some of the ways you can make the process quick and seamless for yourself and the home inspector. Walking into an unprepared home wastes an inspector’s time and may add unnecessary things to your inspection report. On the other hand, you will end up being frustrated running around at the last minute preparing your house for the inspection. Since an assessment costs money, it is better to save your and the inspector’s time and organize your home ahead of his arrival.

Here are a few things you should do to ensure the process is as speedy and actress free as possible;

Replace Burnt Out Bulbs

Inspectors often have to waste a lot of time with fused out bulbs just trying to figure out whether they are fused out or an electrical fault. Replace all the burnt-out bulbs in your house before an inspection to save on inspection time. This will reduce inspection time for the inspection.

Replace Air Filters

If your HVAC air filters need to be cleaned or replaced, do so. Also, make sure they fit correctly. Clean air filters will produce better heating and cooling and save the inspectors time figuring out if the HVAC system is inefficient or needs servicing.

Clear Out The Foundation

People usually end up sticking piles of wood or other equipment next to the exterior walls. Remove any items stored against the walls and near the home’s foundation; not only does it act as a hindrance during the inspection, but it may also be cited as a conducive condition for termites. 

Turn On All Services

Make sure you turn on all the water, electrical, and gas services in the house, so no time is wasted in doing so at the last minute.

Remove All Pets

Pets can get excited with a stranger in the house. Make sure you get your pets out of the way before an inspection. You can move them outside or in a cage till the inspection process is over. You also do not want any untoward incident to happen during an inspection.

Test Detectors

Testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors before an inspector walk-in are beneficial for saving time. Make sure you replace all weak or dead batteries as well.

Remove Items Blocking Access Inside 

If you have stored items in your attic, you may want to move them away from the walls for the inspector to have easy access. Any items blocking the HVAC equipment, electrical service panels, or water heaters will also have to be removed.

Keep doors unlocked

Unlock any areas that the inspector may need access to during an inspection. Searching for keys, waiting, or not gaining immediate access to all house parts can be frustrating for an inspector.

Trim Trees Around Your House

If there are trees with hanging limbs around the perimeter of your home, you should remove or trim them before an inspection. This will allow the inspector to assess the roof quickly and its flashing, gutters, shingles, caulking, and sidings. Trim shrubs growing too close to the house can hide pests and retain moisture against the exterior resulting in damage. 

Replace Or Repair Broken Door Knobs

Repairing any broken knobs, locks, latches, screens, gutters, downspouts, and chimneys will save the inspection time since the inspector will not have to list every minute that needs attention.

Following these simple steps will speed up your home inspection considerably. So often, home sellers are in a rush to sell their homes; if they cover all the points listed in this article before a check, they will make the process faster for themselves and speed along the real estate transaction. Do yourself another favor by doing a little research for certified home inspection companies in your area. Having a good inspection company by your side during an inspection ensures there are no unwanted delays and you have speedy access to your inspection report. In addition, an inspection report can make or break that deal between both parties involved in a real estate transaction, and poor inspections with faulty assessments can cause considerable losses in terms of time and finances. Choose a certified home inspection company like 1st Rate Inspections if you live in Houston, Texas. They offer a satisfaction guarantee . Now that is what you want from the inspection company you choose, a win-win situation no matter the circumstances. A transaction involving a home is no minor deal. It involves a lifetime of hard-earned savings and may be the only time you buy a house. Make sure you leave no stone unturned from your side to ensure the transaction you do and all parties involved are legit and professional.


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