How Important is Stucco Inspection for Houses in Houston

Stucco inspection houston

Stucco inspection houston


Your stucco home might look perfectly fine outside but can be subject to various problems without being noticed. As Houston has a humid climate, stucco homes there may face hurricanes, storms, or havoc. A damaged stucco exterior can lead to various problems like compromised structural integrity, mold or mildew growth, water infiltration, and more. 

Before your stucco exterior starts growing problems or its existing ones expand – take action. Considering a stucco inspection helps you there. Being proactive, you can consider a stucco inspection Houston to identify major problems and stop them from expanding. Only a timely inspection can help you save your home’s curb appeal, marketability, and structural intactness. 

1st Rate Inspections understands the significance of stucco inspection, its problems, and maintenance methods. This is why we bring you this blog to make things more clear for you. We will explore is stucco inspection necessary, and if yes, then why. Moreover, we will also discuss factors affecting stucco inspection costs. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get into it. 

6 Reasons Why Stucco Inspection in Houston is Unskippable

A stucco home inspection comes with many benefits. From adhering to weather conditions in Houston to protecting your home’s integrity, it does it all. Moreover, it also ensures your home’s marketability stays safe for the future. Let’s discuss some of the many benefits of stucco inspection in Houston. 

Weather Condition in Houston

Houston has a hot and humid climate, which can badly impact a stucco exterior. Why is it so? High humidity in the area calls for moisture intrusion, leading to several stucco problems. When a proper stucco inspection is conducted, it identifies the lingering or potential issues. And suggest preventative and maintenance tips on keeping your home’s stucco in its best condition. Moreover, you can keep it safe from any moisture or water damage. 

Potential of Mold or Mildew

As we just discussed, stucco homes in Houston are prone to moisture due to its humid climate. This creates a favorable environment for mold and mildew to grow on your stucco exterior. And you can expect an unstoppable vicious cycle of relevant problems for the stucco. So what to do in such a case? That’s where a stucco home inspection comes in. The professional inspectors will identify the moisture-intruded areas and the extent of moisture damage. This way, you can address the issues before the mold problems spread.

Hurricanes and Storms

If your home’s stucco is not installed properly or well-maintained, then it’s a problem for locals in Houston. The area is often susceptible to hurricanes and storms. Thus, your stucco may get damaged during extreme weather conditions. During the roof inspection, the inspector will identify the weak points, cracks, damages, gaps, and wear and tear – occurring due to natural disasters.

Resale Value

Buyers are more inclined to a home where repair needs are least. When the stucco is upkeep, your home’s curb appeal will improve. As a result, your home’s resale value will also boost. Even if you are not planning to sell your place currently, stucco inspection is still beneficial for your home’s future marketability. 

Structural Integrity

Stucco is not merely for your home’s aesthetic appeal. It also serves your home as structural support. Minor issues with stucco can compromise your home’s structural integrity, such as mold or moisture damage. However, if your stucco is in good condition, it represents your home’s structural stability. 

Early Detection 

When you regularly conduct stucco inspections in Houston, you can detect and identify any existing problems in the stucco. Besides that, you can also catch any potential issues before they become a bane of your life in the long run.  

Factors Affecting Stucco Inspection Costs

The stucco inspection costs depend on various factors in Houston. These factors may include property size, complexity, location, condition, and many more. Let’s go through each of these factors in detail. 

Property Size

Your property size greatly impacts the stucco inspection cost. It’s easily understandable that larger properties need more time and effort than smaller ones. The stucco inspector will cover more surface area and evaluate the stucco condition from interior to exterior. 

Structure’s Complexity 

If your home is well-designed, has a unique architectural style, multiple stories, or different layouts, the inspector will need more time, tools and expertise to inspect its stucco thoroughly. This will also boost overall stucco inspection costs. 

Stucco Condition

Your stucco’s current state also affects its costs. If the stucco has visible damage, cracks, or deterioration, then inspectors will need to do more in-depth assessments. This will not only take them time and effort but also involves using various technologies. It includes testing moisture intrusion, thermal imaging, identifying hidden issues, and more. We can say the more the damage, the higher the stucco inspection costs. 


You might not have assumed it to be the location on this list, but it greatly influences your stucco inspection cost. If your home is in a remote area where it’s hard to reach, the inspectors will need more time and fuel to move. Moreover, the local market rates can also influence overall inspection costs.


The urgency of your stucco inspection project can also be one of the factors affecting the stucco inspection costs. If your deal is in the pipeline and you need an instant check for stucco’s condition, the cost will increase due to extra fast service. Emergency or urgent inspections need to rearrange inspectors’ schedules, which can cost you more. 

The Bottom Line

Have you ever been of two minds on is stucco inspection necessary? Of course it is! Stucco inspection in Houston serves several purposes to ensure your home’s stucco is aesthetically easy on the eyes and durable inside. Your home’s stucco can be subject to several risks, such as moisture intrusion, cracking, delamination, structural damage, depreciation in marketability, and more. This is where a stucco inspection saves you. 

This blog gave you detailed insights into the benefits of stucco inspection in Houston. We also discussed factors on which the stucco inspection costs depend. Explore more of our blogs to get informational and valuable content.

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