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Is thermal imaging worth it for a home inspection in Houston?

If you live in Houston, you might already be aware of the excessive humidity in the city’s climate. The average annual relative humidity is around 90% in Houston. FYI, humidity levels above 50% can lead to mold growth and increased

Top 10 Home Maintenance Tasks That Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Keeping your home in good shape doesn’t just make it look nicer, doesn’t it?  But this often comes with hefty maintenance costs.  Whether it’s about enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home or just maintaining the structural intactness of your

Are termite inspections recommended for home buyers in Houston

The next thing you want after buying a property in Houston is peace of mind. Not some insidious creatures intruding in your house. Well, these silent intruders do have a name and are called termites. And we recommend you do

Why Hire A Professional For Mold Testing?

  Do you suspect mold in your home or workplace? It’s important to test for it properly. Mold exposure can risk your health, especially those with respiratory issues. If you notice the signs of mold patches in your home, don’t

How Important is Stucco Inspection for Houses in Houston

  Your stucco home might look perfectly fine outside but can be subject to various problems without being noticed. As Houston has a humid climate, stucco homes there may face hurricanes, storms, or havoc. A damaged stucco exterior can lead

Requirement or Option: Why Home Inspection Is Important

  A home is a valuable asset that acts as a long-term investment. That’s why maintaining its structural integrity, balancing its market value, and ensuring its safety and functionality are a must. Buyers, sellers, and dwellers must understand why a

How Often Should You Get a Home Maintenance Inspection?

  Homeowners shall maintain their homes to protect their investments and extend its life. Inspections are a crucial component of home maintenance. You may actively learn more about your property’s state and take care of any potential problems before they

The impact of environmental factors on a home inspection: what to look out for

  It’s crucial to have a comprehensive home inspection before buying a new house to find any potential problems. However, environmental factors that might alter the state of the property could impact the inspection procedure. Awareness of these factors and

The Most Common Issues Found During Roof Inspections: How to Address Them

  The roof is frequently given great attention during a home inspection in Houston. A roof inspection is essential to determine its state, spot any possible problems, and guarantee the building’s overall structural integrity. Inspectors frequently come across various basic issues that

Is It Worth Getting A Home Inspection?

  A home inspection is a professional service that a home inspector provides to help determine the condition of your property. The inspection can be done on any type of property, whether it’s a single-family home, commercial building, or apartment

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